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Bounty Killer disses Alkaline After BRT Performance In Florida

Bounty Killer tries to undermine his longtime rival Alkaline once again

On Saturday, the Dancehall veteran took to social media to uploaded a video of Alkaline performing at BRT Weekend in Miami, Florida.

Killer used the opportunity to take jabs at the Vendetta deejay shutting down claims that he was running the music industry, “A DEM YA DEM SAY AGO RUN DANCEHALL A DEM A RUN WEH DANCEHALL YES?? Big BRT Weekend calm like a desert ?,” he wrote.

Bounty Killer continued by dubbing Alkaline the “most boring artiste alive.”

“The formula tun funeral ⚰️ The dead man himself go watch back how we deal wid beach parties a forth clarence in our prime next 3yrs it ago sticky bad Most Boring Artiste Alive,” Killer added. “Dem germs ya can dis mi and get away unuh wait until mi head chip out again the business got to be cleanse bounty the cleanser??Stone Inna Di Hog Penn Who First Ago Squeel Out!.”

Bounty Killer reignited his longstanding feud with Alkaline in August after he labeled the “Formula” star as the “biggest Freakazoid” in Dancehall history during a lengthy Instagram rant.

Alkaline did not take such a public route as his veteran counterpart as he chose to DM his insults directly to the Dancehall legend saying “S*ck out yuh mumma yah b*tch.”

It will be interesting to see Alkaline’s response this time around.

Unruly Squid Unwinds With Romieikon; talks Popcaan, Unruly Fest & Unruly Ent

Annalecia Sutherland, popularly known as Unruly Squid, decided to pop in on the BLZHub live and unwind with Romieikon.

Unruly Squid began by briefly expounding on her upbringing in St Thomas, passion for music and entertainment, Naughty talk, her sons, being Popcaan‘s manager, her favorite songs from Popcaan and much more.

Squid concluded the intro segment of the sit-down stating that she’s best defined as “fearless,” that is packaged with much more than what meets the naked eye.

Squid stated that she has a natural knack for Fashion, and is actually a trained and certified Stylist who’s currently working on a few projects set for a 2019 release.

Popcaan, Mr Eazi connects to the African massive with ‘Body So Good’ remix

The sit-down lasted approximately two hours, as both Squid and Romeikon captivatingly, but also humorously covered a wide variety of topics from social commentary to her favorite singles from her biological brother Popcaan.

More notably, Squid spoke about how much effort is placed into the preparations for the Forever album, her latest business venture Blink Lashes, Popcaan’s USA debut, Unruly Entertainment’s work ethic and global recognition of their brand.

Squid concluded the interview by inviting fans and well-wishers to her birthday celebration inside club Taboo on November 2 and 3rd at Kingston and Montego-Bay respectively.

She also urged fans to continue supporting the Forever album as she believes it’s Grammy imminent and to look out for his first annual trademark event UnrulyFest December 22nd.

Top highlights of the interview are available on BLZ’s IG Tv;





Spice Becomes First Female Caribbean Artiste To Receive Harvard Honors

Spice Dancehall

Jamaican born superstar Spice o.c. Grace Hamilton is having a blast of a decade with her third ‘First Of’ achievement so far for the year.

The Dancehall icon and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Spice is most known for her actions that have shaken up societal norms and becoming the first female Caribbean artist to receive an honor from the prestigious Harvard University’s Caribbean Club has been her latest move.

Spice Clinches 1M Subscribers On Youtube; First Jamaican Female

Spice will receive her honors on February 29th, 2020,  for excellence in Dancehall and Reggae during the third annual Jubilee titled “Many Nations One People,” hosted by fellow Caribbean influenced starlet Jessie Woo.

With Billboard-topping and charting music, a worldwide impacting nonprofit, releasing two sets of music inspired makeup lines titled ‘Piano Make Up Palette’ and ‘Microphone Brush Set,” launching her hair company “Faces And Laces” Spice, in the opinion of many others believes, she’s deserving of this prestigious award.

Spice Surprises Fans With 400K Giveaway + 1M Views In A Week


She has not only started the global phenomenon of reggae popularization but has become a staple and mainstay for over a decade.

According to Spice, “It’s amazing and humbling that my contributions to the genre of music I love are being recognized by such as prestigious college on the level of Harvard.”

Along with a new single titled “Rolling” Spice is off to an incredible start to a new decade. What’s next for the groundbreaking recording artist? Who knows, but know that whatever Spice is up to next, it shall be revolutionary!

Spice Surprises Fans With 400K Giveaway + 1M Views In A Week

The Queen of Dancehall is bringing Christmas early to 20 lucky fans this weekend.

Fresh off accomplishing one (1) million subscribers on Youtube and views for her new hit single ‘Rolling,’ Spice drops a 02.20.2020 freestyle that is just as hot !

Spice Has The #1 Trending Song In Jamaica; Followed By Stylo G

Spice revealed the competition rules via the description section of her VEVO channel and they are as follows;

“The first 20 fans to catch my New 02.20.2020 Freestyle Lyrics wins $20,000JMD each. Yes, that’s right Spice is giving away $400,000JMD today!! Money will sent via Western Union, Money Gram or PayPal Now let’s go . Post your videos, spitting the lyrics and hashtag #Spice02202

Spice has since shut down Youtube amassing over half a million (500k) views on VEVO within 24hrs of the freestyle’s release.

Stream Her freestyle Below.



Chilando Says He’s Guilty Of Being A Gyal Crook

Chilando is once again on the lips of Dancehall lovers this week with new releases.

The ‘Crush Forever,’ creator has released new visuals and audio for his very active fanbase entitled ‘Gyal Crook’

The music video is now available for immediate streaming on his official #ChilandoVEVO channel.

Chilando Clocks 100k Views For Crush Forever

Chilando’s melodic chorus is a sure attention grabber and one that should be easily recited by his rapidly growing audience.

“Nah fi look gyal, gyal bring gal a me foot, easy thing fi me, easy easy easy thing fi me.” sings Chilando

Stream the full video below;

Alkaline Returns To Jamaica; New Rules Trends For Massive Turn Out

The ‘Champion Boy’ Alkaline returns with New Rules To The National Stadium for a second stating of his New Rules Music Festival

At the first staging, Earlan Bartley o.c Alkaline had not performed for his core audience on local soil in three years and fans were hungry to consume what he had in store.

However, this Easter, April 25 2020, the ‘man himself’ will return to Jamaica’s national stadium for the  second staging of New Rules where he is expecting another record-breaking turn out and  deliver another groundbreaking performance + surprises.

Alkaline Prepping The ‘Yung Gunz’ To Rapid Fire Start Their 2020 Careers

In an interview with a popular Jamaican media outlet., Alkaline’s manager and sister, Kareena Beckford, said the deejay is anticipating his performance.

“Alkaline is looking forward to performing for his fans. It’s going to be epic,” she said.

“The line-up will be released in the coming weeks but I can tell you now that it will be diverse so it’s going to be a great show,” she said.

Beckford told the popular media outlet that based on the anticipation, it was best to take

the event back to its home.

“We wanted to offer our patrons the best and highest possible level of experience and we felt that the National Stadium is the best place for us to be,” she said pointing out that this year security has been increased a hundredfold.

“We will be inside the stadium this time around and so we will be better able to fully secure the area. Patrons can expect guaranteed security. We will be working along with the officers to ensure that all perimeters are secured as our patrons’ safety is our number one priority.”

Our reporters reached out to Alkaline’s sister Kerena Beckford for our own scoop and this is what she told us;

“Pay keen attention to the word diverse, that i mentioned in an interview with another popular media outlet” stated an ecstatic Beckford.

Tickets are now on sale at www.firstinlineja.com.

Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks & Lady G Set To Receive JARIA Award

Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks and Lady G are set for special recognition later this month.

The veteran entertainers will be specially recognized by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA).

All three will be highlighted at the upcoming JaRIA awards ceremony on February 25 at the Little Theatre in St. Andrew.

They are among several persons being recognized for their outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry.

Other award recipients include; Dean Fraser, Orville “Xpressionz” Hall, Elise Kelly, Chevelle Franklin, and Philip “Fatis” Burrell, who will be honored posthumously.

According to JaRIA president, Ewan Thompson, the aim is to “bring out magical moments in history.”

The ceremony promises to be a grand spectacle and will feature a 30-piece reggae orchestra.

“Come enjoy great interpretations of our own music. Come see us honor our colleagues and our friends,” he declared.

The ceremony, of course, falls under the Reggae Month celebrations and pays homage to the standout stars of the culture.

Other activities organized by JaRIA for Reggae Month are Reggae Wednesdays at Emancipation Park in New Kingston and Reggae University.

Spragga Benz Says Cops Constantly Harassed Him After Son’s Murder

Reggae Spragga Benz

Spragga Benz has addressed why he has maintained a low profile on the Jamaican Dancehall scene.

Spragga Benz says he intentionally kept a low profile following his son’s 2008 murder due to police harassment.

According to the veteran deejay, he felt very uncomfortable with the events that took place after his son’s murder. The deejay admitted that for a time he was genuinely fearful for his life.

“Career did always alright. Mi did just haffi keep mi safety enuh caw dem did a pree mi like dem did waa murder mi bohyah…. So mi did just haffi teck miself from dem way a likkle bit and meck dem see seh tings happen widout Spragga same way, an mi deh yah same way cause a music me deal wid.”

“And truth be told, after dem murder mi son, dem call mi in and have mi as person of interest couple times well; seize mi firearm, claim seh mi involve inna shooting and all dem way deh, do all a dem forensics, find out dat nothing is wrong, I didn’t do anything and dem still hold on pon mi ting and a bait me up at di same time and a seh me involve inna war, like dem want people who don’t know di truth fi pree mi. But time haffi be di master and mek people know dat I am here now to continue my career,” he said.

The 50-year-old deejay made the comments during a recent Onstage interview with Winford Williams. When asked if the situation was resolved he told Williams that he was unsure but more calm about it.

“I wouldn’t seh it ova but it reach a point weh mi duh weh mi need fi duh and anyting a anyting,” he said.

Back in June 2011, a 12-member jury found two police officers charged with the murder of Spragga’s son not guilty.


Bob Marley Foundation Lends Hand To Reggae Boyz Qatar 2020 Marketing Campaign

The Bob Marley Foundation is keeping the ball rolling with the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

The Bob Marley Foundation, led by Cedella Marley, has engaged in another partnership with the JFF. This time they are lending a hand to men’s national team.

The foundation will assist the Reggae Boyz with marketing and sponsorship in their quest to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

According to JFF president Michael Ricketts, they have been in discussions with Cedella for some time. He says she had previously expressed interest in assisting the organization to market Jamaica’s football on the “international stage” to attract sponsors and corporate entities.

“The Marley Foundation is on board in this regard. We have had some discussions and this is the direction she will be heading. So she has now partnered with the JFF as we try to market our football products,” he said.

The Bob Marley Foundation was the main sponsor for the Reggae Girlz during their historic qualification to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France in 2019.

Cedella Marley has been lauded as being the ‘savior’ of women’s football locally, after committing to the program in 2014. She managed to drag the national women’s squad from obscurity after the program was abandoned by the JFF in 2010.

The Bob Marley Foundation is a nonprofit organization powered by the Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong International. It was established in 1986.

Jamaican Government To Lobby For Reggae Grammy To Be Featured In Live Show

The Jamaican Government is not happy with the Reggae Grammy not being a part of the main awards show.

Jamaica’s Minister of Entertainment, Olivia ‘Babsy” Grange, has expressed discontent with the treatment of the Best Reggae Album Grammy award.

Grange took to Instagram on two separate occasions earlier this week to voice her opinion on the matter.

“Put Reggae award in main show at the Grammys,” she captioned one of the posts.

According to Grange, its time for a change as Reggae has been confined to just the pre-show.

The minister recently commented on the issue during a welcome reception for Grammy winner Koffee.

“One of the things that I am going to work very hard to achieve is to get the Reggae category carried live on the Grammys,” she said.

“Reggae is featured in the main show many times, but it’s not treated as a category that is carried live. Now, there are many other genres that are treated that way as well, so it’s going to be a tough fight, but nothing is impossible.”

Grange admitted that the change would require the support of stakeholders but insisted it is possible.

“It was a journey to even get Reggae as a category in the Grammys years ago, but we achieved it. This is now the next stage. We’re going to step it up,” she said.

Koffee is the latest winner of the award in a long list of Jamaican superstars starting with Black Uhuru.

The Grammy Awards is a product of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, also referred to as the Recording Academy, a professional musical organization founded in 1957.

Jah9 releases ‘Highly’ new single + visuals


Available today on all platforms, Jah9 releases “Highly (Get To Me),” her latest single and video from her forthcoming album Note To Self out Mar 13, 2020 on VP Records. The Jamaican dub poet and songstress uses clever wordplay to realize one’s own self-worth and address someone else’s lack thereof on this cautionary tale about relationships. The song, produced by Jah9, Romario “Runkus” Bennett and Iotosh Poyser, warns the listener to not let the misguided affect your own journey.

“As my search takes me inward, with the practice of ritual and discipline, I can attest that it is all best applied with the supplement of a guide. With ‘Highly (Get To Me),’ I was able to distill some of the conversations close to my heart, about the role of the guide in our lives. In stories of old, the motif of the guide serves as a cautionary companion on the hero’s journey. I have His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, a marker against which I contrast the routes in my own path, and the path of others,” Jah9 explains.

The stunning video is directed by Samo.
Fernando F. Hevia is the co-director and director of photography.

On Note To Self, Jah9 shares practices that keep her centered in a sea of global noise. Her velvet vocals float over rootsy jazz rhythms throughout this 15-track opus, carrying themes of health and wellness, compassion and service, love (interpersonal and self), ritual and discipline, self governance and mastery. In these often chaotic and unsettling times, Jah9 chooses to take a look inward to seek balance and restoration. Note To Self is Jah9’s third studio album following New Name (2013) and 9 (2016). The album, which is co-produced by Jah9, features guest collaborations with Chronixx, Akala, Pressure Busspipe and Tarrus Riley and has a talented pool of locally sourced Jamaican producers including Clive Hunt, Jeremy Harding, Romario “Runkus” Bennett, Iotosh Poyser and Romaine Arnett For Zinc Fence Records.

Pre-order Note To Self now:

Note To Self Album Cover:

1. Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling)
2. Ma’at (Each Man)
3. Mindstorm (Interlude)
4. Note To Self (Okay) Feat. Chronixx
5. Field Trip
6. New Race (A Way) Feat. Akala
7. Hey You
8. Highly (Get To Me)
9. Feel Good
10. Love Has Found I
11. You And I Feat. Pressure Busspipe
12. Ready To Play Feat. Tarrus Riley
13. The Reflection (Interlude)
14. Could It Be
15. In The Beginning (Interlude)

Munga Honorable Drops “Move On” Music Video

Munga Honorable has dropped the music video for his latest single “Move On.”

The “Fiery” deejay has dropped the visuals for his latest hit “Move On,” which is a follow up to his 2018 effort “Nah Mad.”

The track sees the deejay returning to familiar territory as he tackles the sensitive topic of domestic abuse. The track comes at an ideal time with a notable upsurge in tragic endings to domestic crimes.

The deejay uses both the track and its visuals to tackle the topic, imploring men to move on from relationships gone bad.

The music video depicts a very wealthy man struggling to get his girlfriend’s attention as she is always on her phone. It reaches its climax when the female invites her side man over after her partner has left for work.

Munga uses the track to warn his fellow men that money doesn’t give you ownership over a woman.

“My yute don’t kill di gyal dem / My girl, don’t trick di man dem / My girl dis is a warning, don’t tek di man tings if yu nuh want him / Rude bwoy yu fi know star / It don’t matta, bad fi bad, yu nuh own har / Cuz money can hol har / A nuh di end of the world / Get yuhself another girl and move on,” Munga spits.

Since its release last week the track has racked up over 77,000 view and 6,000 likes on Youtube. The track is also doing well on the streets and is in heavy rotation on local radio stations.

Watch the video below.

Vybz Kartel Gets Visit From Spice And Sikka Rymes

Dancehall acts Spice, Sikka Rymes

Vybz Kartel got a special visit from his friend Spice recently.

It may not quite be the “Conjugal Visit” but Spice recently visited her frequent collaborator Vybz Kartel in prison.

On Thursday Spice and Sikka Rymes went to check up on the ‘Worl Boss’ as he continues to wait on his appeal verdict.

This is not the first time the “Rolling” star has checked up on Kartel, as she reportedly visits quite often. This time, however, fans actually got a snap of the Queen of Dancehall at the St Catherine District prison.

Spice was spotted after Sikka Rymes took to Instagram to post a pic with them both at the facility. In the photo, Spice can be seen smiling while striking a pose with the Gaza VP outside the correctional facility.

“Di Gaza Vice President And Di Queen Of Dancehall @spiceofficial Went To Visit Di President @vybzkartel Today 🔥🔥🔥😎 #FullyGaza #upmove,” he captioned the post.

Spice’s visit did not go unnoticed by fans, as hundreds flocked to social media to voice their opinion.

“Big up to spice thts my bbz big up ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍free world boss,” one fan commented while another declared “All now sum man nuh visit the Teacha yet dem ah bawl out free Worl Boss every damn day……..smh……unuh fake like.”

Spice and Vybz Kartel have maintained a strong bond over the years, frequently collaborating on a number of singles.

The chemistry between both deejays is evident on a number of tracks including; “Ramping Shop,” “Conjugal Visit,” and “Back Way.”

Although fans have long speculated that their relationship is more than friendly, both deejays have always brushed this off.

Vybz Kartel is currently waiting on a verdict in his murder appeal trial. He was sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.


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