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Level Up is a track produced by Phvutom catered to capturing a moment in time where Slim I.D. was making and accepting changes in his life.

Jamaican rapper Slim I.D

The hook by DonxOne captures the message perfectly where he starts off by singing “Never going back to the life that I’m use to”. 

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Coming off the release of the notorious “NINO” EP in 2018. Level Up was recorded in 2019 to capture what life is now like and what it will be. Now almost 2 years later, Slim I.D. believes it is the perfect time for release.

With the sounds of Phvutom on the beat and DonxOne melody, Level Up sets itself up to be the manifestation anthem of great things as well as a celebration of where life is now.

Level Up official artwork below.

Slim I.D

The new banger is now out on all major streaming platforms:

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Update Your Friends
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