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A popular philosopher once said, the first act of humanitarianism is to speak out and Tashina Muzik has taken the first step by tackling both political and social issues in her latest single, “Injustice”.

In the single, Tashina doesn’t take lightly the issues that we face as a nation and in a bid to effect change, she calls on political, spiritual and religious leaders to take a stance and answer questions that many seek answers to.

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Tashina Muzik

The track comes to us as a collaborative project with JB Production and will be made available for streaming on May 21, 2021.

She hits hard on topics such as gun violence, directed to the government stating; ” Cause if di youth dem can’t buy food fi eat wi know a nuh dem buy gun”.

In a she further states; “Dem fi stop rape off di woman and wi pitni now. Injustice, my people under bondage, Wi can’t tek it, free wi up ya now”.

When Tashina Muzik was asked to comment on the inspiration behind the track, she said ” There had been a surge in crime especially among our young people and it led me to sit down and ask myself where is the root of it all. The young men and women who venture into crime have to have a connection then that connect has a bigger connection and it goes up to the very top, our leaders have a lot to answer to”

“My music is a tool and I see where I can do my part in the fight against crime while still offering entertainment to my fans by releasing music such as this. The song is already making waves and I am thankful that the message is getting out there. My only wish is that the youths realize before it is too late and our leaders actually start leading us in the right direction” she concluded.

Dubbed a Soulful Cry, “Injustice”  has been copping airplay while garnering social media attention and as such, Tashina Muzik decided to shoot the visuals behind the track.

While gearing up to release the visuals for “Injustice” Tashina Muzik continues to surge with singles such as; Best Touch Ever”, a collaboration with Vybz Kartel and “Ghetto Lives Matter”.

Update Your Friends
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