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Queen’s never accept any attempts at the crown , and #LHHATL co-star Akbar isn’t exempted !

On the most recent airing of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta; fans witnessed a feminine brawl between Spice, Karlie Redd, Light Skin Keisha and Akbar. It all started, after Akbar threw a drink on Shekinah then attacked Light Skin Keisha and proceeded to violently approach Karlie Redd, Spice had enough and jumped in to defend her guests who were also there to support her new single.

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Spice took to her 2M fans instagram and posted;
“Yesss Akbar, I’m so proud of you girl. keep “fighting” your way to the top don’t stop.”
Akbar immediately responded with what many considered a ‘low blow’;
”Thank u and u keep bleaching one day you will get to be as light as you want.”
Akbar’s comments proved counterproductive for her as Spice didn’t have a dying need to become light, in retrospect she actually aimed to bring awareness around colorism, an agenda she knows too well about and has been experiencing it throughout her length tenor within Dancehall music.

Which she did immaculately with her project, Black Hypocrisy. Spice’s ‘Brighter Side’ went instantaneously viral throughout the world and accomplished exactly what she sought out to do, create controversy as well as conversations around colorism and featurism.

Spice followed suit and has since then addressed Akbar’s Anti Colorism critic with;

“I never wanted to be light skin, my colorism was done for b*tches like you who believe that need to tear down another woman to look good. Just like you cause you beef with anyone who’s doing better than you.”

She added, “Sus I’m Black and beautiful and guess what? You’re “light skin” and I’m still further than you in my career.”

Naysayer Dragged For Discrediting Spice’s Public Image

Spice has since then launched an online campaign to have her makeup line sold at a discounted price here following the Saga on LHHATL, which she strategically listed the coupon code as “LoveAndHipHop”

Another notable mention is, Spice launched a new web series entitled ‘Spice World,’ which is a medium used to keep current with her fans during the COVID19 tragedy, which has been well received by fans worldwide  – and has also amassed more views than Akbar’s music career.

So for a lack of better words, the Queen still reigns comfortable with her crown untouched.


Update Your Friends
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