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Faces and Laces, Akbar and Queen Of Dancehall are words being seen in frequency throughout  social media following Monday’s airing of LHHATL.

On Monday, fans witnessed a feminine brawl between Spice, Karlie Redd, Light Skin Keisha and Akbar. It all started, after Akbar threw a drink on Shekinah then attacked Light Skin Keisha and proceeded to violently approach Karlie Redd, Spice had enough and jumped in to defend her guests who were also there to support her new single.

Since then the #SpiceGang collective has been seen rallying in numbers, in support of their queen offering word of encouragement to Spice while ruthlessly thrashing Akbar and those who oppose her.

Spice Drags LHHATL Co-Star Akbar Following Colorism Comment

Fans could be seen tweeting statements such as, “Di gal ah big clown and she need ah the red nose”

and, “I wanted to fight her too Akbar need to be off the show her attitude sucks”

Throughout all the confusion, Spice still managed to make this a opportunity to further her reach and hand at entrepreneurship. She strategically announced a flash sale on all her merchandise wit listed the coupon code as “LoveAndHipHop” to receive further savings.

Visit FacesAndLaces.com to see what Spice has in store for Summer 2020.


Update Your Friends


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