Update Your Friends

The ‘Viral King’,  Foota Hype addressed some pressing issues today via his live in Florida.

It has been approximately 24hrs since the passing of arguably  veteran Dancehall sound system operate Niko of Chromatic Sound.

Foota immediately started his rant by saying, “…Me nah stop blame niko circle for his death,” he then added that the deceased allegedly had half of the 50k USD needed to perform the live saving operation.

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An evidently perturbed Foota Hype continued by stating, “…Them man Ya prefer Niko dead and them bury him than put up the money fi save him.”

Throughout the remainder of the rant, Foota continued to bash Niko’s well-known friend circle as irresponsible and should take majority blame in the tragic outcome of Niko’s life.

Watch the full rant by Foota Hype Below.

Update Your Friends
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