Beenie Man recently sat down with popular YouTube blogger, Teach Dem for a candid interview.

The veteran Dancehall discussed a slew of topics including music, his legacy, music, Bounty Killer feud, and many more.

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During the interview, Beenie Man also touched on his relationship with D’Angel, her decision to join OnlyFans and the impact on their son, Marco Dean.

According to the “King of Dancehall” singer, he remains close friends with D’Angel despite their failed marriage and he even reached out to her when photos were leaked from her OnlyFans account.

Speaking on the Lady of Dancehall deciding to join the subscription-based platform, Beenie Man said “She [D’Angel] supposed to think bout that, I can’t tell har fi think bout har yute.”

“Me and har talk bout it, yuh know…cah mi call har and ask har dat and she ah seh she haffi do this and do that…she neva have to do that, but she did it,” he continued.

Beenie Man however made it clear that their teenage son won’t be teased at school as the institution he attends is “a safe environment.”

Watch Full Interview Below.


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