Music Producer Darren Sortie of SartOut Records is no stranger to the dancehall music industry, him and his identical twin brother Dane Sortie got recognized last year (2021) as the producers with the most tracks on Alkaline’s Top Prize Album which was by far one of the best albums released in 2021.

Dane passed away along with his dad from Covid 19 related conditions 2 months after the release of the album and since, Darren has been left to carry on the legacy.

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SartOut Records came on the scene in 2012 after the brothers started the label in memory of cousin ‘Bruce ‘SartOut’ Sortie who died from colon cancer.

Over the years the brothers have been producing and ghost producing for a number of artistes and producers in the dancehall space, such as Alkaline, Tee Jay, Ryme Minista, Bounty Killer, Squash, Daddy 1, Maestro Don, Khxos to name a few, they have worked with labels such as: StarzPlus, Kimichi Records, OneWay Records, McPherson Records and much more.

Darren currently is still recovering from the lost of his twin and dad and has been battling depression which made him absent from the music scene for awhile. We had the opportunity to connect with him and caught up with his progress and journey since the lost of his brother Dane.

How has it been since for you and the label?

Difficult is one way to put it, I try to push on however things are not the same, will never be, a lot of artiste we’ve worked with over the years are out of reach, most of them sent condolences but are not open to working right now, it’s feels as if I’m starting the label all over, even with the accomplishments and track record that we’ve established.

What is the most difficult part of continuing or most challenging aspects?

Definitely getting artiste to record, a lot of artistes actually thinks the label is closed or not operating, with Dane being the direct connection with them back then, it’s as if no connection is there anymore.

What have you worked on since or is currently working on?

I still continue to work with Alkaline and his team, they have been really supportive throughout the journey and I am grateful for that. TeenieBit is an artiste under my label that I am currently working with as well and she has been putting in the work and building her fanbase. I teamed up with BritishLinkz Records Stardom Records in Atlanta and also did a few tracks with fast rising dancehall star Armanii to be released in the coming weeks so that’s something to look forward to as well, Armanii is another artiste that has been supporting the label as well, shoutout to him and his team.

Since the lost of your Dad and brother, have you been able to find any support?

Dane is irreplaceable, I could never replace him however I have teamed up with young Composer Dre Barnes Beatz from YouTube to work on some new riddims, also Dane’s best friend Caldhino who is one of the industry’s best engineer has also been supportive, he has been assisting with the mixing and mastering of the tracks along with Squing Music and Kyng Musiq”. Other than music, my mom and sister, ALL my cousins, uncles, aunts and a few friends kept me grounded. So shout out to them. Family is everything.

What is the relationship like with Alkaline since everything?

Alkaline and his team will always be considered family, since day 1 it has been nothing but positive energy and genuine vibe, as Dane would say “A we bredda dat”

How are you handling the loss not with music but personally?

It’s a fight, at times I feel like I’m half alive, other times I feel as if I wanna question the world and God, mentally I’m all over, it’s a struggle but I do pray a lot and I do believe God will make a way for all of this to one day make sense.

Finally, what can we look out for as fans and what would you like to say to your fans?

I am definitely working on new music with mostly young unknown talents, giving them the support SartOut Records is known for giving. So do lookout for that, to the fans, just be good, live, love and enjoy the time you have here, the friends and family you have, appreciate them. Life is all about the journey and love is always the end result.

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