Dancehall artiste Intence recently made his second appearance on Onstage with Windford Williams on Saturday (August 6).

The “Yeng Badness” deejay was questioned about the shooting incident which involved himself and I Waata. Over a week ago the two were reportedly at a party and a situation escalated where they were threatened and then shots were fired.

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Winford stated that chats on social media were actually blaming Intence, saying that he was the one who caused the shooting, however Intence stated, “No sah, nuttn like dat, ahm a bag a rumor you know. Yeah, cah member we hot yah now, from dem mention we name, people a wah hear wah really a gwaan but nuttn nuh go suh, ah just rumors,” clearing up the rumours.

Intence, given name Tashawn George Gabbidon, said that shots were fired but not at the parting. He continued stating that the party was overcrowded so if shots were fired people would have been hurt. The artiste added that he was called in for questioning by the police and was ‘freed the same day.’

The “Go Hard” artiste was also questioned as to why him and his colleague, I Waata, parted ways with Andrew ‘Boysie’ Campbell. Rumours were circulating that Boysie was actually the one behind the incident at the party, he dismissed those claims. The artiste did not want to disclose that information however he did stated that he is now closely working with Nuh Brakes, Zimi Entertainment, Frank YM and Rannie Don records to release his music.

Intence also spoke on his recent car accident back in July. He was involved in a two-vehicle collision on Old Hope Road in Kingston. The artiste was lucky enough to walk away unharmed.
“Yeah we just haffi give thanks for life and wha nuh kill yuh make yuh stronger.” the artiste said. He also added that he was actually a passenger and it was a family member who was driving.

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