The first lady of neo-roots reggae, Jah9, had the top selling non-fungible token (NFT) in the April 1 CryptoRastas auction and we at British Linkz had a chance to talk to her !

Her rare avatar sparked a bidding war on OpenSea marketplace and eventually sold for 1.6 ETH ($5,567 USD, subject to currency value fluctuation). 

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The only female among ten (10) international reggae artists whose generative art were included in the auction, Jah9’s avatar is the only Crypto Rasta depicting Ganja streaming, which is widely known as her preferred method of Ganja meditation.

Genie Sweetness, on behalf of BritishLinkz got to ask Jah9 a few questions in relation to her recent Crypto feat, her thoughts on NFT, Web3 & digital space, upcoming project(s) and much more.

  1. I think we can definitely agree “It’s a new day”. Jah9 in crypto! How did you get involved?

I’d been interested for some time but didn’t know anyone with sufficient knowledge until one of the young men who came to my February 2020 retreat in Kenya shared some powerful insight and inspired me to do a deep dive into Cryptocurrency, its potential and inevitability, just before the pandemic hit. I made some investments in the platforms I found to be the most appealing and have been modestly increasing my holdings since then. Then the following year one of my business partners introduced me to a gentleman in the NFT space called “Knxtti” who is a multidisciplinary artist and investor whom mentors many people through his workshops and social media. He invited me to join a workshop on the potential of NFTs as a means to deliver value. It came at the perfect time and I began to refine my projects and offerings to suit the tools that are currently evolving the way we build communities, deliver value and service in the world today. The Chalice Station NFT project is the first of many offerings to come from my company. My friend Marcus of Digital Dubs in Brazil reached out about his CryptoRastas project while I was still developing my project. He asked for support and recommendations and based on our positive history I was willing to be a part of the project. But I chose to wait until my project was ready before I participated in the auction so that we could both support each other more effectively.

  1. Your first day out and you outsold other Reggae creatives, did you have any expectations going in?

I was more interested in learning and testing methods of delivering information and making connections to raise awareness about the community we are building of which cryptorastas is a part. I had the advantage of being so deeply immersed in the NFTs currently but one can never know how this new information will be received. I’m currently building the team for my project so more could have been done to get even better outcomes but I’m satisfied with the results and the knowledge and connections gained. It wasn’t a competition with the others for me, but rather with myself to meet my marketing targets. More importantly, I’ve seen the work the crytporastas team puts into building a wholesome community and making valuable contributions to the artist (especially the elders) and other charitable work. So, the more I was able to pull in the more would be available to do these services.

  1. Was it difficult to understand NFT/WEB3? 

It still is! Especially at the pace that it is evolving.

  1. For your supporters, what advice can you give on entering this new world? You know they want to join you on your new venture!

The principles are simple enough and the potential for a future of autonomy and sovereignty will be evident to those who enter the space with confidence and a vision. These are all powerful tools, neither good nor bad, that people with good intentions need to become familiar with.

  1. Knowing that ‘Chalice Station’ will have a wellness community, can we expect more “Yoga on Dub”?

…and so much more.

  1. Has living in Africa for the past 2 years given you more clarity on your purpose?

Absolutely! It has been cathartic and crucial to helping me see a fuller potential of what is possible for us, especially as people of the diaspora.

  1. How you must feel seeing the legalization of the herb taking place worldwide! Can we expect a strain in your name?

For sure.

  1. Without giving too much away, we want supporters to join ‘Chalice Station for more info’, why is steaming better than smoking?

It’s better in so many ways. Most importantly, it encourages a deeper breath because there is no combustion to create ash which has detrimental effects on the lung when inhaled. But as you said we will be expanding on this and other concepts within the realm of wholistic wellness in our community space launching on April 20 for those who buy the NFT and join.

  1. Can we expect a tour later this year, early next year? 

stay tuned! it’s possible but let’s see what unfolds in the world in the coming months

  1. In closing, any new music we should be looking out for?

Definitely! a whole album in the works at the moment and I can’t wait to share.

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