Kranium Accused Of Ruining The Dancehall Segment At Summer Jam 2018

Members of the Aidonia lead 4th Genna camp are currently fuming with anger as the blame international recording artiste Kranium for sabotaging their set at Summer Jam 2018.

The entertainers alongside Konshens, were booked for the Dancehall segment held at the MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on Sunday.

However it’s now believed that Kranium, is the causative agent as to why neither Aidonia nor Konshens got to give their full performance sets.

Kranium Defends His New ‘Faux’ Look Against Dissatisfied Fans

Aidonia’s brother whom also acts as an official manager Lav also known as Lalo took to social media the morning after the situation to air his evident frustration.

“Kill mi wan kill dem… some a dem artiste bwoy yah, “Lalo said in the now-deleted rant. “Some a dem artiste bwoy yah wicked, dem lock off wi mic… some a dem artiste bwoy yah all fi dem self,” he added.

“Who mi a talk? b***ybwoy Kranium bout who love pum pum and mek the time run out pan wi.”

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