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Popcaan has a lot of respect for Drake and Vybz Kartel.

Popcaan may be one of the biggest global superstars of his generation but he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

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The “Unruly Boss” recently sat down with Hot 97’s Ebro to discuss his career and his relationship with Drake.

During the interview, Popcaan detailed how he got introduced to his mentor Vybz Kartel, and started recording Notnice.

According to the deejay, he met the “Worl Boss” at an event called “My Scheme” back in 2007. He said he started recording for Kartel’s Adidjaheim Productions, where NotNice, recorded him professionally for the first time.

“When me go so now and meet Vybz Kartel, One day we de a the studio now and this song was playing and Kartel hear it and say who dat a sing tha song de, make me hear it. Dem make him hear it and him just go voice a song pon it the same night, a song wa name “Get Wild,” Popcaan recalled.

“When him sing the song now, him do a clean version fi the song and him call me name inna it you zimmi. So like bare people a call me now and a ask if a you Kartel a talk and me say ya man. Some people believe me and some don’t. Then now everything just start tek off.”

Popcaan went on to highlight the importance of Vybz Kartel to his early success.

“Is a Man wa bet pon me from morning. Him did already tell the world say Popcaan ago do this. Is no surprise to him, him know me great long time. Him could a see it from the minute me sing pon the stage and the way how me operate around the studio a day time,” he declared.

When about his relationship with Drake the deejay told Ebro that the connections it was just natural respect.

“The first time when me realize say Drake really in tuned with me music, him tweet and say Drizzy Drake a the only man she want,” he said.

“Drake and Rihanna usually tweet me music dem time de, nuff.” the deejay recalled smiling. Back in 2012 the OVO crew listed Popcaan’s Yiy Change Mixtape it as one of their favorites.

According to Popcaan, he came to respect Drake from the first time they met, detailing the rapper’s humbling hospitality.

“When me go inna the club, there was a table there and the man forward and take up all a the cup dem off a the table breda. Me a look pon him and a say yo, this is a yout like miself, him remind me a miself,” Popcaan said.

“Drake support dancehall music a lot. Him already a shed light pon dancehall culture by shedding light on Popcaan,” he said.

Popcaan also spoke about his next album, following the success of his latest mixtape “Vanquish.”

He revealed that the project could be ready as soon as later this year. He also promised fans that long-awaited official collaboration with Drake.


Update Your Friends
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