Popular, yet uncanny Jamaican Entertainer/Comedian Keith ‘Shebada ‘ Ramsey has broken his silence on offensive statements made towards him from under-fire Marvin The Beast.

Marvin reportedly spoke extremely negatively about Shebada’s manhood, while trying to rid himself of recent slander received from a controversial viral video

Ramsey is arguing that Marvin, as well as his fan refrain from their state of denial and admit that ‘The Beast’ is living a double, peculiar and quite frankly homosexual lifestyle.

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Marvin The Beast Breaks Silence On Cheating And Gay Rumors

” From me spot marvin inna the airport me feel a energy, a batty energy and when me look up a me and marvin eye make 4!”

Shebada concluded by stating that Marvin has a bad rep within the ranks of the gay community of Jamaica, in his words “…Everybody inna the batty community know Marvin will do anything for a little change, even if the bill fake !”

Watch Full Video Below, As Shebada talks Marvin The Beast.

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