Dancehall artiste Shenseea reveals that her debut album is on the way in an interview with Timera Blair.

Shenseea, real name Chinsea Lee, stated that the forthcoming project is the reason she was in the United States at the moment. “It’s gonna be lit, I’m telling you. It’s going to have different, different vibes. It’s going to have an interracial mix,” ShenYeng told Timera Blair.

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Shenseea says the album will feature bit of rap with some singing and obviously dancehall, “It’s just a mix of Shenseea and what I have to offer” she said.

The “Sure Sure” singer also stated that her dream collaboration would be with Rhianna, “Ever since she came on the scene, I’ve been watching her from the very first single, you get me. Watching her on BET, MTV straight up to where she is right now. So definitely Rihanna is one of my biggest inspirations where music is concerned. I absolutely just love her,” she said.

Watch Full Interview Below.


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