Update Your Friends

‘Popular’ female artiste Ishawna took to Onstage TV to respond to her former fiance, dancehall selector Foota Hype’s comment of her being “Social Media Hot” seemingly disregarding her mainstream relevance.

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During the interview, Ishawna responded  to the selector by stating, “Foota plays once per week at Lime Lite Night Club that’s all, he’s not getting any bookings like that. So if you are going to talk about me being social media hot, I think you should try to be social media hot.”

Ishawna then added her piece about the dispute with Nikki Z, stating that;

“First of all my statement about Nikki Z was a very true statement on my behalf. The reason why I put her name in the song i feel like.  I’m not telling her who to be friends with because everybody knows she and Foota are friends. The worst thing is when a woman is a hypocrite and when you are at a stage in your career when you have a platform to foster  and  embrace another female and the only thing you can do is bring down another female.. that’s when me get cross, angry and very very miserable.”


Update Your Friends
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