In this podcast clip, Kranium gives his opinion on why he thinks the success of dancehall shouldn’t be compared to that of afrobeat.

He also spoke on being single-ish, why he hates Dancehall media, comparing Dancehall to Afrobeats, calls out Dancehall veterans who failed to stand up for the culture and how Sean Paul music saved his life.

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Stream below.

Kranium most recently enlisted Rytikal on his latest project ‘Block Traffic,’ and it’s fire !

Block Traffic in our honest opinion at British Linkz, is a genuine twenty-first century love story between a man and a woman; the perfect mixture of passion and toxicity.

The track is delivered with poise and precision; Kranium the slick talking, smoothing singing womanizer who never fails to deliver heartbreaking news in a manner so subtle most women may even find it understanding and then we have coming for the kill is Rytikal who brings a sense of eagerness and well-needed youthful euphoria.

Kranium expounds of his various sexual explorations, pass lovers, his partner’s beyond average physique and being an international superstar and the strain on the relationship that comes with such a feat.

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