Update Your Friends

The highly anticipated Season 2 of Spice It Up is back with your host the Queen of Dancehall Spice and she’s talking Dancehall history, mending fences and topics relating to COVID19 on the fifth episode with guests Pamputtae, Lisa Hyper and Tifa.

Spice firstly spoke to Lisa Hyper and they immediately start to relive past memories, Lisa’s career then and current and how was her life altered by the tragic COVID19 pandemic.

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Spice’s second guest was Tifa, which she hasn’t spoken to in 6 years ! She immediately urged for both of them to repair the burnt bridge by discussing what issue they had and how it could’ve gotten so bad.

The third guest was female Dancehall veteran Pamputtae, she kicked it off by revisiting an ancient clash between herself and Lisa Hyper.

Pamputtae spoke about her recent career updates, she spoke about her relationship with Spice and other females within the industry and tries to mend fences with Lisa Hyper.

For more watch Spice It Up! on Magnum Tonic Wine’s Dancehall website: or their official YouTube channel.

Update Your Friends
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