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The highly anticipated Season 2 of Spice It Up is back with your host the Queen of Dancehall Spice and she’s talking a spicy christmas season, dancing and topics relating to Christmas and Dancehall on the season 2 finale with guests Ding Dong and Yendi Phillips.

Spice immediately began to talk about Christmas preparations and expresses her undying devotion for the holiday’s.

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Ding Dong speaks about his upbringing; what christmas meant for him, which was a new suit of clothing, playing traditional games and family gatherings.

Yendi Phillips spoke about how she enjoyed the camaraderie of the community in the festive season and the differences between christmas locally and domestically.

Spice and Yendi Phillips also treated Ding Dong to a dance-off competition.

For more watch Spice It Up! on Magnum Tonic Wine’s Dancehall website: or their official YouTube channel.

Update Your Friends
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