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Zamunda says the two never had any personal confrontation nor did he do anything bad to the artiste so he was surprised to find out that the deejay was cancelling his shows.

According to the singer, I-Octane and management would tell promoters he wasn’t available for dates when they called to book him.

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Explaining the situation, he said, “I was under the same umbrella, because remember that we were under the same team, suh the same booking agent agency a book fi wi.”

“Even now you know, i’ve talk to people from overseas weh seh, ‘Zamunda yuh know seh, 3year, 4 years a back a was trying to book you and all i could hear is Zamunda is not on the island, Zamunda is not gonna be available for that date’ and stuff like that so i just know exactly where all of that was coming from.”

Zamunda wholeheartedly stated that unfortunate circumstances has inconvenienced him from making money in music for over 4-years, however he is appreciative of good friends and well-wishers throughout his dilemma.

In conclusion, the artiste his currently promoting his new single ‘two grand,’ he says he’s only focused on his music.

Update Your Friends
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