Update Your Friends

Justin is on his Daddy Duties and Nicholas is getting the highly sought after Playstation 5 device.

An unsuspecting Nicholas was going through a plethora of packages while being playfully ridiculed by mom and acting Dad Justin about his christmas gifts..

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“There’s no way,” he said, a fair reaction after having his legs pulled by his mom and Budd. 

The couple started making gun salutes with Spice shouting, “We got you!”

To his surprise, it was the highly sought after PS5, and Nicholas walked over to Budd and gave him a long, hearty hug. 

“Thanks Daddy for loving my kids the way you love me,” Spice captioned.

“For years I’ve been a single mom and only parent gifting my kids with their hearts desire. Well this Christmas God has blessed our home, I’m no longer a single mom.”

See video below

Update Your Friends
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