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Konshens almost unknowingly gave one fan access to his hotel room.

The Dancehall superstar almost made a huge mistake by inadvertently giving his hotel keys to a fan.

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In a viral video, the deejay is shown tossing his jacket in a crowd of fans, only to realize he forgot his keys.

The move caused a frenzy among the deejay’s female fans eager to claim the memorabilia. However, he would soon have to ask for its temporary return after realizing his error.

Konshens was then seen hilariously removing the key and passing it to a crew member before tossing it back. He would immediately resume his performance with his hit single “Gyal A Bubble.”

The deejay would later take to Twitter to share the hilarious video saying “Threw my jacket in the crowd but forgot my room keys were inside. Would u run it back?”

Fans have since taken to social media to share their views on the incident, with many finding it quite hilarious.

“They actually run it back, would never happen in Kenya,” one fan wrote before another added, “In Kenya the jacket would have to be torn into little pieces before you resume your performance.”

Konshens has been busy on the road in recent months, with tour stops taking him to several countries. In December the deejay performed several shows in Europe, the Middle East, and finally the Nordics.


Update Your Friends
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