Patrons rave that Macka Diamond was among the short list of names that electrified the stage at New Rules Festival from the beginning to the end of their individual set.

“I’m so proud of myself !” were the first words uttered from the “Dye Dye” creator after a memorable performance on the grounds of the national stadium car park.

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Macka Diamond shared with popular media outlets, that her confidence and passion to perform cannot be broken by negative comments about her age and appearance.

This being her first major performance in Jamaica since the lockdown, Macka Diamond said she wanted to remind the dancehall community of her star power.

“I think my determination is to be commended. The day I was called for this show, I knew I had to do it and make sure I do it to the best of my ability. Big up to Alkaline and the Vendetta family that chose me to be one of the performers on the line-up. I couldn’t disappoint, and I left the stage knowing I did not disappoint,” stated Macka Diamond.

Macka Diamond executed jaw-dropping freestyles, calling the names of young, male trending acts, including the head turner for the night, into the mix.

See performance below

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