Christopher Martin’s performance in Kenya was was nothing short of dramatic.

It seems the Reggae superstar got more love than he was hoping for during his recent visit to Kenya.

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A video clip of the “Cheaters Prayer” crooner has been making rounds on social media of a fan trying to dance on him.

The 30-second clip shows the moment an excited fan invades the stage while the singer is performing. The fan then proceeds to embrace the singer and tries to ‘whine’ on him, before he is pushed off by the star.

The anxious fan is quickly escorted off stage by security, but not before a shellshocked Martin expressed his anger.

“Take it down. Hey, take it down; he can – nuh wine paa mi bwoy. Yuh madda (expletive deleted),” Martin said after the man had been escorted away.

“Nairobi, its all love right; its all love; its all love right. You know, he can hug me, he can hug me, but I don’t want him to do this on me,” he explained, turning to the crowd and showing the gyration movements.

“It’s no good; no good; it’s no good my brother, OK,” said the startled entertainer.

The incident occurred during the singer’s tour stop at the Big Deal Concert at the Impala Grounds in Nairobi.

However, despite the mishap, Martin says he cannot wait to return to the African nation, praising their energy. This is Martin’s third performance in Kenya where he remains one of the most popular Reggae superstars.

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