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Shenseea delivered  an unbelievable performance on Friday night during her set at A Taste Of Reggae Sumfest.

The Dancehall singer took the stage shortly after 9:30 pm and dived into singing Trick’a Treat. “A five months now me nuh perform, me feel good!” Shenseea told fans watching home online before dropping her smash hit Trending Gyal.

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ShenYeng then moved to Love I got for U, The Sidechick Song and later Blessed which she gave an emotional introduction. “Yuh see sometimes inna life, we take a lot of things for granted, and life is one of them. To just get up and can breathe, fi have life, is such a blessing,” she said.

Shenseea’s A Taste Of Reggae Sumfest performance was the first time the singer took the stage since laying her mother to rest earlier this month. The 23-year-old lost her mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams, suddenly in June, after a mild stroke and heart attack.

The Romeich Entertainment singer was interviewed by Kamila McDonald backstage and revealed that she was in good spirts and elated to return to the stage.

“I feel good, I’m in good spirits,” Shenseea said. “Virtual or reality, it nuh matter. Me just glad fi perform pon a stage. I missed it. I really looked forward to this performance, and I just went up there and enjoyed myself.”

Update Your Friends
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