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Recording artiste Abby Dallas is stirring up much controversy with her latest single, ‘Poppy Show’.

The song takes direct jabs at men who brag about their sexual abilities and not being able to deliver.

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Uniquely, ‘Poppy Show’ is a mixture of hard hitting lyrics engulfed in a smooth flow and delivered effortlessly on an old-school fusion Dancehall beat.

The May 14 released track comes to us courtesy of Okaro 2020 Entertainment Limited.

Abby Dallas

“The moment I heard the beat inspiration struck, it gave me an old Dancehall vibe that challenged me to be modern on an old beat and the process of putting together this song was simply amazing. The track has been stirring up a lot of controversy online because it’s bashing the men who can’t perform but like to talk big. Some men should act their size and strength and stop trying to let females feel insecure when really,  they don’t have proper tools to do the job”

said Abby Dallas

Following the onpour of comentarty surrounding the single, Abby Dallas and her team opted to shoot the official video for the track.

While putting a strong promotional muscle behind ‘Poppy Show’, Abby Dallas shares that her team is currently in the lab putting the final touches on her EP slated to be released incoming months.

Update Your Friends
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