Alkaline’s new song “Sense” arrives ahead of his twenty-eighth birthday.

Produced by Autobamb & Zimi Records, “Sense” has resonated with fans who vibe with the rhythm that has them moving their heads and the lyrics that make them feel truly ruthless. Boasting 189 K views already on YouTube, fans from all over the world dropped fire emojis in the comment section because they claim it is an authentic, somewhat too realistic, song about just how easy it is for some to end up in a body bag.

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“Run up, me see man a hop fence, bup inna you head you shoulda have sense / Dat a carry lock you brain, shotta knock you eena you grave / All of a sudden you know you really have strength / Betta know sey dem nuh have sense / We nuh know nuh bulletproof dem shot yah caa dent / Dat a carry lock your brain, till you get a shallow grave, till we select d key and press it out pon dem,” Alkaline deejay.

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