The WAP creator and Hip Hop superstar Cardi B is feeling a Jamaican flavor to her smash hit single.

Cardi B posted Ishawna’s WAP remix to her story for the next 24 hours and the fans are going berserk !

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She captioned the post, “Fierce Jamaicans it’s too nasty” hinting at the notable mention made by Ishy on her track.

“Three WAP better than one, Make Cardi suck me and Meg suck the john” raps a very aggressive Ishawna

If Dancehall had a certified freak in its house, it would be none other than Ishawna aka Ms. Legendary.

The ‘Equal Rights’ singer who in modern times has helped to break down some of the taboos around sexual acts in Jamaica, continues to keep the conversation relevant.

Listen Below:


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