Update Your Friends

Cracka Don proving to the fans that he’s not some vapid material that’;; be exhausted anytime soon.

The fast-rising deejay of St James, has teamed up with Quebanz Records to do a song for his life-long associates or in his words, his “G’s.”

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Cracka Don is in search of the ‘Hot Dolla’


The hard-hitting lyrics where masterfully placed on an authentic, uptempo and heavy-bass filled Dancehall instrumental, which is now fully available for immediate streaming on all platforms.

“Man got some day one, them know how me tan … man got real G’s  and me nah talk nuff a them a familiy.” sings Cracka Don.

The Quebanz Records CEO spoke to our writes and had words of encouragement and togetherness in reagrds to their approach to the industry.

“Yeah man we do this for we family, we g’s and fi motivate every youth say as a team the dream ago work.” stated QueBanz CEO.


Update Your Friends
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