Fareal gets inspiration from legendary Icon Buju Banton’s song to create single “No Strings Attached”

Long gone are the days when upcoming Dancehall/Reggae artists relied on sheer talent, originality & lyrical content to earn the respect and approval of the masses & ultimately skyrocket to the top of the charts. Today, the standard is to rely heavily on gimmicks & uber risque or marginal lyrical content to earn recognition. However, Fa’Real promises to turn back the hands of time & re-engergize the culture with material that everyone can relate to with the release of latest single titled “No Strings Attached “. The song is set to be released on Itunes and all digital outlets this month.

In the single “No Strings Attached”, Fa’Real gets in depth about serious relationships and explains what real love is. One can hear the question “Could you love me for me?”, being repeated throughout the hook. The song borrows lines from the popular dancehall reggae icon Buju Banton song “I wanna Be Love” Fa’Real explains that his current relationship inspired the creation of this song. So it’s genuinely an expression of his true inner emotions. Fa’Real and LMR both executive produced this record.

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Lyrics to song

(Inro) Do you know what love is. Do you know what it feels like. Me ah talk real deep love, trust me girl”  it feels nice. Could you love me for me baby. Ah man is just ah man. Accept me for me baabyyy. Accept me as I am.

(Chorus) Could you love me for me girl ?
Could you love me for me girl ?
Could you love me for me girl ?
Not for you who want you want me to be girl
Could you love me for me girl ?
Could you love me for me girl ?
Real love I wanna give you my heart
Don’t want to take it back

(1st verse) if me loose it all tomorrow, girl would you leave my side. if me low and need funds fi borrow, girl would you hurt my pride. Cuz me need di right one beside me. Ah ride or die to be my wifey. My ex” wasn’t real” it neva last. So me have question fi ask.

(2nd verse) Girl don’t try fi change me, cuz you meet the way I am. Mek we build it together baby, cuz me have you inna me future plans. Don’t watch what I can’t give you, cuz I give all I have. Lets Guh half pon ah baby” me wan yuh Pickney fi call me dad

(3rd verse)Could you love me as I am. Accept my flaws as perfections. Would you stick around” thru thick and thin. Do you see past material things. would  you love me if I was sick. Would you stick around or would you dip. Is it real love, so the question is.

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