Update Your Friends

The ‘Legendary’ dancehall recording artiste Ishawna arrives safe and sound this morning in London.

The ‘Restraining Order’ singer seems very excited and ready to dominate, despite all the flock against her in recent media.

See snippet below;

Former-Downsound records recording artiste has released a new single titled ‘Private Mi Page’ featured on Chimney Records’ ‘Toll Road Riddim,’ surprisingly Ishawna seems to be taking jabs at Alkaline’s ‘Block and Delete’ single which was recorded on the same riddim, entitled “Toll Road”

“If a gyal gwan like seh she too stubborn yo a instant block and delete / tell her guh try dem thing deh wid some other man nuh gyal cyaa style the G,” Alkaline deejays.

Perhaps the single could be based on a true story as Ishawna has responded to the track.

“Yuh block mi but you still a lurk mslegendary inna yuh recent search / yuh cyaa style good p**y gyal a me delete yuh first / if Instagram could a tell mi who visit mi page the most your name wud a deh up addi top / yuh mouth a wata fi the picture dem weh mi post / yuh a pree seh mi batty get fat,” Ishawna sings.

Ishawna also continued by saying, “Stop follow mi up, yuh cyaa keep up bout yuh want a Kardashian,”  taking aim at Alkaline’s ‘City’ single featured on his ‘New Level Unlocked’ Album.

Listen Ishawna’s ‘Private Mi Page’ below.



Update Your Friends