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Marie Coke is on her way! Hailing from the humble community of St. Ann in Jamaica; she has been performing from a young age. Whether it was the choir in school, or festivals around the island, she exercised her God-given talent to adoring fans.

Marcia GriffithsNina SimoneBillie Holiday and Beyonce have inspired her with their barrier-breaking talents and hypnotizing sounds. Marie aspires to reach their levels of success as she tackles topics such as love, romance, and social injustice. You may have seen her cover a few songs on her YouTube channel “Marie Coke Music“. She especially enjoyed covering “Legend” by Caribbean artist Chronixx.

“I make music for your soul…soul food.”, she says with her girl-next-door smile. Her fans/supporters are her “CokeStars” as she affectionately refers to them; “Because everyone is a star and I’m hoping to leave a piece of myself with all who I reach with my music.” She doesn’t like to be boxed into one genre. Instead, she prefers to be known for the vibe you feel after listening to her music. As an introduction, Marie is releasing a self-titled 5-track EP on May 28, 2021; “Marie Coke“.


  1. Babylon
  2. Lock Me Away
  3. Feel the Vibes
  4. Streak of Love
  5. So High

Download The Marie Coke EP Here

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Update Your Friends
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