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Martinican Recording Artist Paille’s new “Bloodclat” single set the tone about today’s society ‘s drifts.

After his huge “lover boy” success featuring Queen of Reggae Etana,  in which he portrays a smooth love story with his killer rhyme and undeniable sense of poetry, the Stage Trouble Maker as he is often referred to as, returns to his first loves: Straight Dancehall Music.

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Paille is well-known for his militant tracks, and is immensely appreciated by his fans for being a “reality checker”. As he always claims, his influences come from some  well-known Jamaican performers and superstars as well as those from his own land, the island of Martinique.  Most of his songs are a requiem for reality.

The Bloodclat track is a mix of all of these influences as he sings in his native language Creole with some Jamaican patois  and a touch of French. Not only does he refer to today’s world ‘s societal issues but he also denounces its lack of empathy. “C’est la chanson des chiens, c’est le refrain des Isalop” .

This powerful statement sets the tone : « This is a song for despicable people, this is a bloodclat chorus!” .  The latest release points out the failure of a system which is prone to selfishness and individualism, pushing people to do anything for power or money.

Later on, he demystifies the recurring hypocrisy and the tendency to prevail wrongfulness over morality: “I feel unsuitable. I either take a stand and sing about what gets to me or I just remain in shock. The first choice definitely qualifies me.”says the Run Di Town singer.

No rest for the weary, Paille is on the go for a fifth album later this year. Always teamed up with his longtime friend, sound engineer and beatmaker Deejay Gil, the two have been working on some new strong and meaningful collaborations. Following the recent Covid-19 pandemic Paille remains restless until he finally touches the stage again.

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