Ojay On The Beat alongside Tyme Dem Records are thrilled to announce the exclusive project of Quada’s New single ‘ Plead My Cause’ which was released Friday, November 12,  and is available on all digital platforms. 

The producers, Josimar Ellis of Ojay On The Beat and Demouy Foster of Tyme Dem Records, combined to  work on this project that resonates with their moral reflection of the dreadful experiences that the world is currently facing.

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“I believe working together on this project really let the composer express himself in such a way he never did before. While we worked on multiple projects indirectly in the past, this is our first one-on-one project together. That we came together as a unit, and structured this project, it is a good look. And, we have many other surprises for the industry,” said Ellis.

Ellis added that while working with Foster fell into place naturally, they had to be sure that they had the right artiste on vocals on this latest joint.

“Finding someone who could translate the same feeling would be easy as many of us artistes share that same moral compass, but for this one Quada was the one, as the riddim and the objective of the message connected with his current personal experiences,” said Ellis.

Ellis added that working with Quada was a good experience.

‘Working with Quada was a pleasure as he is not an arrogant person. He has a great personality and knows  exactly what he’s doing and gets the job done. He is a very versatile artiste and very underrated creator,” he said.

Foster also had high praises for Quada whom he described as ‘creative’.

“Quada is an easy artist to work with. He’s very creative and always has a scheme. I’m actually thinking of doing an acoustic E.P. with him in the future because I believe that that would really showcase his versatility,” he stated. 

Quada explained that the rhythm came at a critical point in his life and that because of this the lyrics flowed naturally.

“At the time I received the riddim from the producers, it was in the season  of my life where I was  in the wilderness. The beat  is called ‘ Thank You Jah riddim’,  which gives me that chill , calm and Godly vibration when listening. When penning the words, it took me back to a place of  worshipping and praising Jah , who never failed me in my unfortunate demise”, said Quada.

“The lyrics fell into place after listening to the lyrics and knowing what I was going through in my life. That’s all I write about. Things that I see happening around me and what they rhythm was telling me. The rhythm is Godly so that was how it spoke to me,” he added.

The artiste stated that the project was not difficult to record because of the habits he has cultivated over the years. He revealed that he voiced tracks everyday in addition to penning lyrics and practicing in his makeshift studio at home.

He is positive that the song will be well-received when promotions surrounding it are ramped up.

“I expect the song to do well because we are talking about God. My experience is real, and I am talking about facts. It’s nothing fake. It was written with a lot of emotions and thinking behind it,” he said.

Ellis is also confident that the single will be well received by the public.

“So far this song is getting a lot of reactions and many individuals such as younger producers and artiste are reaching out showing love and asking for tips regarding production strategies and composition classes. Based on this, we are confident it will do well,” he said. 

Stream below
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