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Vershon is back on the offensive, as he releases another lyrical thrashing onto Jahmiel.

The self proclaimed ‘Queffa’ this time around labels the Patriot as a ‘Guard Dawg’ for his mentor, Mavado’s mansion.

Vershon reps for Popcaan’s Unruly Gang as he takes aim at Vendetta deejay Alkaline and the Patriot Jahmiel in his new single ‘Too Young.’

“If ano queffa a muss unruly click / gal nuh wan nuh man f**k dem inna two minute / mi a get gal from mi poor ano tru riches / talk bout seh dem a teach lesson dem a teach bay foolishness,” Vershon deejays taking aim at Alkaline’s ‘Extra Lesson’ single.

Stream ‘Guard Dawg’ below.


Update Your Friends


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