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Fast-rising Bahamian recording artist Sauce God has a few statements of encouragement for the fans this Summer.

“Every Ghetto Youth is a soulja, 10 toes down is a soulja, gotta have faith gotta know jah!” sings an emotional Sauce God.

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Sauce, who best defines his style as being a fusion of Afro-Soca type sound, has just released some new material.

Sauce, who’s also of Jamaican descent is preparing to release his 2020 debut EP entitled One Nation Under sauce has given us a small taste of what’s to come with ‘Soulja’

The hard-hitting single is also accompanied by some fire visuals courtesy of Davis the camera guy who filmed in various locations throughout Nassau Bahamas.

Stream Soulja Below.

The final release date is still unannounced as Sauce and his team continue to insert the final tweaks and devise a new launch strategy as the unforeseen COVID19 virus has put a bit of strain on the time of the project.

“It’s still going to be a dope EP, it has my heart, soul, ambitions and mission deep rooted in the vocals. I can’t wait for the world to hear what i have in store” Sauce God 242 told writers at BLZ


Update Your Friends
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