What would you do to live like Jay-Z and Beyonce?

Jamaican Dancehall artiste Aidonia has ambitions to revel in the same type of success that the Roc Nation boss has amassed, and he’s not shy about doing the crime to get there. “Lawdd Evil” transforms into a serial bank robber for this latest song and music video “Race Car.”

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Dancehall artiste Aidonia.

The opening scenes shows us to the planning sequence for the heist which Donia spearheads.

These scenes are interjected by B-roll shots of a beautiful female spreading herself all over, you guessed it, his race car. The bank robbery is a success and they ultimately make their getaway in a minivan. It’s almost certain that some viewers would have loved to see the getaway done in a race car but that could be an idea that directors 20K Cinema are saving for the future. The video feels high end and so does Aidonia’s delivery.

“Me move fast like a race car to the paper /
If you no wa money see you later
When you gyal wa sitn how you gonna pay for,”

raps Aidonia

You can check out more of the 4Th Genna head honcho’s flow by watching the music video from the conveniently placed link below


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