Fast – rising Jamaican recording artiste Alexx A Game is putting his all in his musical craft.

The Reggae and Dancehall recording act has recently released his latest music video entitled ‘Go Harda,’  produced by Upsetta Records.

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The video was shot in undisclosed locations throughout Jamaica by videographer The Truth.

Alexx also has sought the services of Canadian hit record creator Tory Lanez on recently release ‘Double.’

“The inspiration behind the track “Double” came from a thought process I had and a theory I developed from it. For me to be as great as I want to be then I have to put in twice as much work as there are challenges. In other words, the grind must out weigh the struggles for me to surpass them. From there I developed the concept of doubling up on everything positive so I can overwrite the negative” says Alexx – A -Game.
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The track, which gives you a ‘neo-pop’ style will definitely appeal to a wide array of music lovers. Both artists compliment each other on the track presenting a song, which will definitely be heard on your airwaves.
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