Thought provoking and relaxing are two of the first words that come to mind when one listens to Amma Gold’s new single ‘InHerG’.

The single seamlessly graps it’s listeners by thrilling them with a touch of each genre embodied in a mixture of unique melodies.

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Describing her music as ‘Neo-Reggae’, Amma Gold shares that ‘InHerG’ is her first official release and gives an insight as to what the song means;

“When listeners hear it for the first time they immediately get sent into a wave of relaxation and as soon as the chorus hits their minds begin to wonder and as such they become more attuned to the words of the song. InHerG is an interesting use of word play for energy that can be interpreted in numerous ways throughout the single. Once listeners pick up, the song continues to relax them until they hear a dub poetry verse, they begin to realize that this song is able to withdraw several reactions when it’s listened”

The single has been ringing in numbers on several major digital streaming platforms with the visuals amassing thousands of views since it’s May debut.

The video depicts Amma Gold’s cultural awareness in numerous scenes while showing appreciation for both the performing and visual arts.

In a bid to keep the momentum going, Amma Gold is in the lab putting final touches on her single ‘Sick’ slated to be released in November.

An EP can be expected from the ‘Neo-Reggae’ fusion singer for the coming year.

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