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New York based record labels, British Linkz and Great X Production has once again teamed up in a bid to put forth good music. 

Their latest release, “Brave” by Sulfa and Clymaxx has been making waves on the international music scene, grabbing the attention of several major radio stations.

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“This song has been making rounds on radio stations both locally and internationally and its an amazing feeling to wake up to people supporting my work from all over. Working with Clymaxx was easy because she is down to earth and always ready, I am elated that I could be a part of this amazing project” Said Sulfa.

“Brave” is available on all major digital streaming platforms through Good Mood Music.

Many know Clymaxx for her ability to tap into the rougher parts of her persona to bring forth a melodious lyric filled hit and she definitely delivered on this track.

Dancehall artiste Clymaxx

“Brave is who I am and it’s no surprise that fans are running with this one all over the world which gives me a very humbled spirit.  A lot of people know me based on the fact that I am a very outspoken and bold female. My music depicts who I am, strong and willing and firm and this single defiantly brings out all of that. I am pleased with the reception of the single, especially because the video captured the essence of the song in all aspects. I have been mixing it up a lot to appeal to all of my fans and I think they are enjoying it” Said Clymaxx.

The video for the single was done in Tower Hill, Kingston and Breaton, Portmore by Shot N’ Stunning and is steadily garnering thousands of online streams. 

Clymaxx stepped on to the music scene in 2016 when she made her debut on Magnum Kings and Queens and has since then given us a slew of good music to appease our minds.

Clymaxx is known for singles such as “Puff And Roll Up”, “Top Striker” and “Bad Touch”.

Update Your Friends
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