Dancehall’s freshest new talent Akell Di Pluto is nothing like the adrift planet which is currently struggling to retain its place in the solar system.

The truth is, the Montego Bay, Cornwall College bred talent possesses a unique set of skills which he has been honing for the better part of the last decade, in hopes of showcasing said talent to the entire globe. Armed with a brand new music video and a soon to be released 7 track EP curated specifically for “the streets,” Akell Di Pluto Is just about ready to show the world just how scorching hot he can get.

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Vibe 876 caught up with the 27 year old entertainer just a few days before the release of his ‘bootyful’ music video. Let’s just say that we made use of the opportunity and got to know a bit more about Akell Di Pluto and what’s happening with his career.

There are many a cliches which highlight that knowing ones past is the ultimate gauge of their future. Vibe 876 is not necessarily a lover of cliches, however, this one has some gut and heart to it especially when examined under the microscope of Akell Di Pluto.

The deejay’s stepfather, with whom he grew, fostered his love for music through the variety of records he played at home on his mini sound system. The family helped to plant the musical seed, and much like other greats in Jamaica’s music fraternity, the church helped in nurturing it. Pluto recalls being a part of the choir in his local church, something which helped to foster his love for performing live. That love further transcended when he participated in clashes during his time at school. How long ago are we looking at? Let’s take it back to 2008.

“From 2008 me start write,” he explains. High school clashes ultimately led him to linking up with a friend, who helped him to secure his first riddim track; along with time at a recording studio.

From here, Di Pluto segwayed beautifully into how he got his unique name. As recounted by The entertainer, he started using the name the first time he was going to record at a studio. As the story goes, his friend pointed out that it would not be wise to use his correct name for his recordings. Luckily, he had previously given some though to such a scenario therefore, he already had the name “Akell” locked and loaded. As for the celestial aspect his name, the entertainer explains that it derived from his real name Jovian Barrows.


“Me real name (Jovian) it have a lot to do with planets, especially Jupiter,” he said, while outlining that something with a futuristic sound would better match the level of artistry he had reached. He first tried Akell Di Jupiter but felt that didn’t exactly translate into superstar. It was soon evident that Akell Di Pluto was the only viable option.

Aside from a truly unique and spaceman like name, how else is Di Pluto planning to make his mark among the sea of new talent?

“Me wa bring some real dancehall music weh people no hear everyday,” he revealed. Akell then shared with us that he is one of the pioneers of the new type of dancehall therefore, it will be a fusion of both eras. While there are other acts working with a similar strategy, the Montegonian is confident his style is more “authentic.”

“It more versatile…my music well put together, the storyline nice, the flow dem wa me use, the melodies wa me use, the lyrics and jus how me deliver me song dem – and the voice. Me practice all a dem supm De,” he said.

This ultimately makes his music relatable to all age groups.

Akel Di Pluto

“Me just wa refresh the dancehall in a way it has never been done before,” he declared. “Me wa get big and me wa get the music bigger too,” he shared about his audacious goal.

With such big goals, one almost has to bring something new to the table. He said, “Wa make me different from everybody else a how me Vision and how me imagine my music fi sound, along with me talent and the voice. You no hear it nowhere else.”

There is also immense power in his pen game, which has led to over 500 unreleased pieces of music.

“Circle,” the first song from his debut EP, was officially released a few hours ago. The song features a fun music video, starring Pluto, his friends, and a plethora of beautiful black princesses. It’s a perfect match to the tone of the unnamed EP which was crafted strictly for the party scene, “the streets” in the words of the artiste. While there are a few motivational cuts, the females fans should be extremely please with a 7 track project that is primarly geared towards them. There is still not a definite date for the release of the EP however, there were hints of an early 2021 drop.

Akell’s newest release can be found on popular streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Audiomack. His past releases can be streamed from his official YouTube account.

You can connect with Akell Di Pluto via his social media accounts then head back here to stream his brand new music video.

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