Dancehall artiste Daniiboo recently released the visuals for her hit-bound single ‘Nestle’.

The dancer-turned-artiste premiered the video on YouTube So far, the video has been gaining traction online, with quite a few views racked up on Daniiboo YouTube.

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“My fans have been waiting for the official video and after releasing it, immediately my fans start sharing via social media. The video was done to grab the attention of viewers and it did just that with its sexy, yet high-energy concept,” said Daniiboo.

The video was directed by Jay Will and shot on locations in Kingston.

“I am working tirelessly to make my name in this industry as an artiste and I plan to keep releasing tracks that will be entertaining for the ladies. My fans are the force behind everything that I do, they push me to my limit and I am determined to keep them satisfied. This track is a definite hit and I have a team that is putting in the groundwork to ensure that it makes it to the international market” she said.

The single was released in October and produced by Keep Left Records. It will be included in the artiste’s forthcoming EP. She expects that Nestle will be her breakout song, especially considering the feedback it has been getting so far.

“I’ve been getting a lot of love and positive comments about the song, as well as the video,” she said, “I’m definitely looking forward to how far this will go.”

With dancehall as the base for her sound, Daniiboo combines international elements as well, in an effort to appeal to her target audiences both locally and internationally.

The Nestle music video is available for viewing on YouTube and the track itself can be purchased or stream on major digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

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