Dancehall artiste Deep Jahi is showing off a romantic side in his latest single Inseparable released on January 8 by Natural Bond Entertainment.

Difference is what stands out and Deep Jahi always instills some level of substance within the music. The song Inseparable is relatable because every man has a woman he considers to be his.”

Deep Jahi Added

Deep Jahi noted that so far, he is pleased with the response to the song, noting that since being uploaded to YouTube on January 8, the video, directed by Shot N Stunning, has been receiving positive responses from fans.

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“The comments have all been positive … Motivation is definitely a strong word in relation to the work. That’s a quote from a previous song. So yes, the positive comments help as a catalyst towards the journey.”


Inseparable is the second release for Deep Jahi with the Natural Bond Entertainment production house.  In October, the label released the banger Private Party

“It’s just upward mobility. Natural Bond Entertainment knows what they are about and the energy clicks right,” Deep Jahi said.

Born Rushane Sanderson, Deep Jahi is originally from St Mary. He shot to fame in 2012 when he won the Magnum King of the Dancehall competition.  Two years later, he won the JCDC Festival Song competition.  Among his better-known songs are Life Goes OnNuh Punching Bag and Another Murder.

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