Dancehall entertainer Devin Di Dakta hasn’t failed on his promise to deliver informative yet positive & provocatively engaging material!

In his latest collaboration with long time producer T Whizz entitled “Abortion,” Devin Di Dakta expresses the orthodox views not often explored when in relation to the very ticklish topics of planned parenthood.

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Devin Di Dakta masterfully demonstrates the thoughts of all parties involved in the uncanny scenario; The physician, the bearer of the fetus (mother) and the father.

The single immediately goes into the chorus,

“I don’t wan’t to live my life like this, i don’t want to feel the pain, alot of people are going to judge but none of them doesn’t feel the same”.

sings Devin Di Dakta.

Which precedes an emotional scene 1, where Devin Di Dakta, who also plays the role of a concerned physician, acts as a voice of conscience to the flustered impregnated young woman – which isn’t the usual narrative !

He reminds her of the various issues that negatively affect black women, that she may not have given much thought before arriving to the facility such as; planned parenthood being used as a tool for racial genocide, society shunning & infertility. However, he was met with human survival, economic stability and other issues involving self-serving bias as rebuttals.

“Okay! Jesus Forgive! dash it weh, god please forgive me cause… “

ends the first verse sang by Marcilli.

The unsuspecting female is then met with aggression by her flabbergasted partner as he expresses why he is disappointed in her selfish actions.

“… You so f*cking selfish, you shoulda just abort yourself b*tch, acting like you helpless, look how much help you woulda get miss !”

sings Devin Di Dakta.

The track then concludes with both parents of the now, no-longer existing fetus comforting each other while while reminiscing on what could’ve been with a positive pregnancy test in hand.

The single ‘Abort‘ directly speaks to the unfortunate reality many women face today, regardless of the nature of their pregnancy and the constant dabbling over blurred lines; as to, is this the right or wrong thing to execute? – bravo Devin !

The question Devin Di Dakta leaves the consumer to ask at the end of the track, “Am i pro-life or pro-choice?

Abortions are currently illegal in jamaica, according to a February 2019 article on TeleSur‘s website as they stated, “In Jamaica, women can be thrown in jail for life for having an abortion, but the island country is contemplating legislation to loosen its abortion rights law to allow women to terminate their pregnancies caused by rape or incest.”

The single “Abort” is now immediately available for worldwide streaming.

In 2019, Devin Di Dakta launched his debut seven-tracked independent musical body of work entitled “Bare Thoughts,” under his label SaintkingstonMusic in collaboration with DZL Records & T-Whizz Records.

Devin released a total of 6 music videos from that project for the tracks except “I Don’t Need Anyone” and has amassed over 1 million streams.

Watch Videos here

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Romario English, known professionally as Romieikon, is a Jamaican dancehall influencer, producer, recording artist and songwriter. Beginning his career in the latter years of the 2000 decade, where he pursed being a disco-jock under the moniker 'DJRomiie' while attending Cornwall College high school in Montego-Bay St James.