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Merry Christmas Linkz From Fully Bad and his daughter Pretty Bad !

The ‘Born Fi Dweet’ creator has once again joined forces with DJ Slow Motion for a heart-felt banger dedicated to his daughter ‘Pretty Bad.’

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Fully Bad most recently spoke to popular media house The Star on the major influence his daughter has on his music and new found insight on life.

“This album took some time to compile because I wanted to make sure that there was a track for each person who listens. I included a song dedicated to my daughter and used her for the album cover because before anything else, she comes first,” he said.

“She is one of the reasons I work so hard. She is going to remember her father as one of the greats. Since 2020, I can definitely say things have taken a full turn and I have to thank the Most High and all my fans for this glory.”

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