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Fast-rising Female songstress from the Bronx, New York Goal Digga has dropped some fire visuals on the first day of Reggae Month!

The single is entitled ‘Willie Winkie,’ and as the title suggests Digga is dishing tons of dirt to the women she believe are misrepresenting and devaluing women.

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Throughout the single Goal Digga expresses her distaste for non independent women, lazy women, badmind women and any other women that display detractor behavior.

Notable lyrics are;

“Hot gyal from birth, independent gyal walk out, top notch from birth, what the hell them talking about?”

sings Goal Digga.

Goal Digga also most recently dropped a similar single entitled ‘Gal Clown,’ with Marvoni Records.

The extremely provocative single garnered over 15,000 streams on Audiomack.

Stream the single here

Update Your Friends
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