Dancehall entertainer Govana rolls out the official music video for his ‘That Mi Like Hear’ collaboration with newcomer Xtassi.

Produced by Emudio Records, ‘That Mi Like Hear’ has won the heart of the ladies and Govana advocates that men should take care of women in the track.

The 300K JA-Directed cut starts with the 4th Genna deejay hosting his “The Govi Show” with his collaborator Xtassi and her boyfriend appears as guests.

Xtassi complains about her partner not supporting her finically. However she later revealed that reveals she only joined to secure a chance with Govana, a man who doesn’t mind spending his cash on his ladies. 

“Me nuh sell p___y but me nah gi weh nuh free f__k / My p___y too good for dat no sah / Cuh pan yuh too bout yuh nah spend money pan mi ukku / Yuh can’t tek hot gyal for butu bright / Bout yuh waan duggu duggu see how yuh buddy likkle,” Xtassi says in the intro of the track.

The animated intro is followed by Govana singing the catchy chorus, “Ah wah yuh feel don good p___y gyal nuh want nuh mean man / Louis V bag dat ah fi three grand she seh she need one / Mi get two mi get di black and di green one / She unleash di demon nuh onlyfans to di p___y deh ah me one / Suh how yuh pretty pan di buddy suh geezam / Have mi account pan mi shoulder fi lean pan yuh fucking wid ah real man.”

Watch Govana, Xtassi – That Mi Like Hear Music Video Below.

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