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Govana has surprised us with some new visuals at the start of a new month !

It’s a blazing hot Summer and Govana is not here to entertain the games, as he raps about having an abundance of money, a lavish lifestyle and not to mention the exotic women that lifestyle attracts.

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His Summer 2020 motto is put up or shut up, as Govi can be heard on the hook, “Shut your mouth with your likkle bit a money ! move and weh with your little bit a money”

Outfitted in vintage apparel and a classic 19th century vehicle, Govana is portraying his wealth is similar to European generational wealth – which we know isn’t chump change !

“Strike Force Nuh Carry Likkle Bit a Money … Life fi sweet like me dip it inna honey” sings Govana

Stream the video below


Update Your Friends
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