New York City based recording artiste, Kaay Jones confesses her undying affection for her baby in latest Caribbean love story ‘Mi Baby’.

Shana-Kay Jones or more professionally known as Kaay Jones has her eyes sight on her place in the music industry and intends to manifest it with the release of ‘Mi Baby.’

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The single speaks of a love story between ‘Ms Paradise‘ Kaay and the man of her dreams. The tale depicts how she professes her love to the man of the moment, her visions of matching fits, seaside showers with emotion filled rural excursions with the love of her life and how she plans to accomplish her fairytale lifestyle.

‘ Yeah i came off a little strong, I see what i want and i’ma tell you what it is, no long time thing, just gimmie the ring” raps Kaay on the verse.

As you can see this is a multidimensional track, which draws inspiration from her deep rooted Jamaican background as well as a dash of R&B (Rhythm & Blues) perfectly topped off with her unique Hip Hop slangs

Watch ‘Mi Baby‘ official video.

The music video was shot at several locations throughout, St Ann Jamaica 🇯🇲  including Blue Hole, Mahogany River and White River.

The video was then chopped and edited by @Khingcam and directed by the songstress herself Kaay Jones.

When contacted about how the overall look and feel of the music video came about, Kaay told BLZ Staff;

“When I wrote the song  I envision  tropical vybz and that happy feeling when you meet the person who can be your possible babe. I wrote the treatment from that happy place, that honeymoon phase in a relationship.”

Kaay is currently working on upcoming singles while actively promoting her smash single ‘Mi Baby.’

About Kaay Jones

Shana-Kay Jones, professionally known as Kaay Jones is a fused artist most of her work is influenced by Dancehall, Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop. Ms. Jones is a singer songwriter who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her first single released 2015 titled “Slim Ting”, the song gained her recognition due to its jazzy lyrics over the 90’s riddim “showtime”, which was originally created by Dave Kelly who is renowned producer across the Caribbean.

Kaay Jones was born in Jamaica, then migrated to the USA at a young age. Ms. Jones took music serious in the year 2014 where she entered Dancehall’s Got Talent in Queens, New York. Prior to music,  Ms. Jones worked part time and attended Medgar Evers College where she earned a Bachelor’s degree.

After the release of slim ting, Kaay Jones released an Ep titled Rough Love 2017 which was well reciprocated. Slim Ting gained international attention from a British producer and scored a remix.

Paradise was the next track that gained attention on the EP, the Music video gained 11,000 organic views on YouTube and several write-ups, due to its refreshing lyrics and visual. In her latest she was featured on a track consisting of 25 artists from across the Caribbean, in a song titled “We Got This,” which is to sooth the brokenness covid-19 brought upon the Caribbean.

Ms. Jones was featured in several magazines and newspapers across the Caribbean for her vocal and lyrical contribution. Her latest solo track released August 06 , 2020 “Mi Baby” is out on all streaming platforms, the music video is just superb. The track is picking up momentum.

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