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Kalado has sought to address claims that he copied the the concept of his new video from Dexta Daps.

The Dancehall artist was heavily criticized by some fans last week after the visuals for his “Sexcited” single premiered just hours after Dexta Daps released his “Intro” short film visuals, which also utilized similar raunchy images and profound nudity.

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Several fans took to social media shortly after the release of “Sexcited,” claiming that the “Make Me Feel” deejay was copying the dancehall crooner’s artistic vision.

However Kalado has since rubbished these claims, saying that his “Sexcited” video was actually shot as far back as November 2016, and that even shared teasers on his social media.

The “Bring Life” deejay stressed that his video was by no means an attempt to copy or compete with “any artist” whatsoever. In fact he claims he was even ready to scrap its release after seeing Dexta’s video to avoid controversy, but producers insisted on its release.

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Update Your Friends
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