Dancehall artiste Chilando
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During a period of despair Montego-bay based Dancehall acts Chilando and Shane E are a ray of hope with their chants of ‘Life Still A Keep’

The very uplifting and melodic collaboration displays a union of lyrical force between Shane E and Chilando for the Show Di Vybz production house.

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As of April 2nd 2020, Jamaica has so far recorded 44 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with three related deaths.

Jamaica To Introduce Mobile COVID-19 Testing

“Life still a Keep, F*cka them wa see me dead, but me tell the hypocrites say me nah leave !” sings a very empathetic Chilando.


Stream the single ‘Life Still A Keep’ Single.

Chilando is rumored to have mini-movie scheduled for an official visual for Life Still a Keep featuring himself, Shane E and other well-known public figures within the Dancehall space.

Chilando Says He’s Guilty Of Being A Gyal Crook

In other recent activities with the ever progressing Dancehall act Chilando continues to dominate streaming charts locally and internationally.

Chilando clinched 100k within 7 days of release of his single Crush Forever & charted himself on several popular playlists across the major digital streaming platforms such as, Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify.



Update Your Friends
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